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I am thinking about looking for new living room furniture - primarily couch/sectional/etc.
What we have is ok, but very large and clunky and don't really provide a lot of seating area.
Any suggestions on where we should look or whether anything exists that isn't at least 3 feet deep? I'm pretty sure that I want something where the seat is shallower (like 20-21") and [ profile] 3diff likes taller sofas so he has head/back support.

Given that one commits to such things for a long period of time (5+ years), I'd like to find something that we actually really like - and I don't have a lot of ideas about good places to look.
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Does anyone have a room for Readercon that they don't need? It'd be much much easier without needing to commute, even if it's just a 15 minute drive.
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Anyone interested in coming over to play games tonight or possibly Sat afternoon?
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Will has decided what the purpose of computers (or at least laptops) are.
He comes up to the laptop, points, and says "cow!" It took only one time
of showing him pictures of cows on the laptop (Google Image search has uses),
for him to decide upon this. He is also happy to look at horses, snakes,
elephants, and so on.
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We had had vague hopes of coming home on Saturday, but it looks like we will be here at Mount Auburn until Sunday. Visitors welcome! We have survived a jaundice scare caused by a high 24-hour bilirubin count. After 18 hours or so of phototherapy, breast-pumping to supplement feed, and being urged to supplement with the evil formula, Razi's next bilirubin number was lower and the "crisis" was over. Now all we have to do is catch up on the lost sleep, as best we can. (Posted by [ profile] 3diff)
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[ profile] 3diff and I are proud to announce the birth of our daughter Razielle Phoebe Youmans, by c-section at 2:16 PM today at Mount Auburn Hospital, Cambridge, Mass. Razi was 8 lbs 5.7 oz., has lots of dark brown curly hair and daddy's bloodtype. Mother and child are doing great. Pix can be found at Visitors welcome, as we will be stranded here at least until Saturday sometime.
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[ profile] 3diff and I are planning on going to see something tomorrow evening. Possibilities include:
"Jesus Christ Superstar" at the Opera House
Boston Ballet: Three Masterpieces at the Wang
The Importance of Being Ernest at the Lyric Stage
Godspell at the Park Playhouse in Burlington
The Producers at North Shore Music Theatre

Is anyone interested in going along to one of these? Possibly with dinner before?
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Anyone interested in playing board games today?
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We should finally have a house-warming party.
Can I get preferences for April 5 vs. April 12?
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Who would be interested in having a regular-ish toddler/baby get together?
Possibly Tuesday nights - we could start at 6pm.
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With the weather, it seems the perfect time to curl up with some home-baked
chocolate-chip cookies. I even stopped and picked up eggs so I could.
The only problem is that it'll be too many cookies for just [ profile] 3diff,
Will and myself - and we can only play 2 person games without others.

In case anyone feels like braving the snow (walking! or T I'd recommend) in the
hunt for dinner, cookies, companionship and/or games, let me know.
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I am thinking it might be fun to take Will up to Kimbal's (or somewhere else suitable) for a corn maze, maybe a hayride, a bit of animal farm viewing, maybe some apple-picking and, if it is Kimbal's, some ice-cream, of course.

Would anyone else be interested? I am thinking of this coming Sunday afternoon.
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We need to see more friends. This is going to be particularly
important once I start working at home.

I know we were gone for a couple years and fell off of everyone's
"hey I could call them" list, but it'd be nice to get back on it.

Movies are hard, but we do get out and Will does pretty well in
restaurants usually - and I can still remember how to cook!

(Granted, traveling for 2 weeks & then getting a nasty flu doesn't
help with feeling that we don't see almost anyone.)
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EDIT: On this Saturday, Sept 1, starting at 1pm, at our place in Arlington,

We're having an informal afternoon (maybe into the evening) of board games.
We have a couple tables & plenty of room to set up more.
We also have a baby and lots of baby toys.

Please come by - RSVPs might give a sense of the scale :-)
Feel free to bring games, folding tables, snacks, babies, toddlers, etc.
Aug. 24th, 2007 12:39 am


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We haven't had a vacation (other than a long weekend trip to Yosemite with [ profile] 3diff's mother or to visit relatives & friends in well over two years.

Any recommendations on where we should go? It would be, of course, the 3 of us - possibly with my mom & her partner along for visiting & baby-sitting.

I don't want something too hectic. I'm thinking of either something in late Sept/early Oct or in the winter, say Feb or March. That's kind of far away though, and earlier would be nice.

We've never done a cruise. We've been to Spain, Puerto Rico, a bit of Italy (Tuscany mostly), London & some UK, and I've been to Paris a number of times (though never enough). Some beach would be nice, but a week or two of it could get old without other things to do.
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So, as some of you know, we're planning on remodeling two bathrooms - one in our apartment on the second floor & the bathroom in the first floor apartment.

We have claw-foot tubs now, which I don't like because they aren't good for showers (a large usage) and they're hard to get into (for us short people).

I've been hunting for a decent tub that would fit & actually provide decent space, you know, inside the tub! The size would be 66"x36" or maybe 38", at most. Now, the best tub I've been able to find is the Kohler Tea-for-Two, where the bathing well is 45"x25"x19.5", and it does an alcove installation; of course, it is cast-iron and about $1200. There's the Hydro-Systems Sylvia (66"x38") with a bathing well of 47"x27"x20.5", but I don't see any indication that it can be an alcove installation. *grumph*

So, I ran across the following on EBay
Steam Shower Spa Sauna Tub
that seems to be an Ariel SS-807A. It has a seat, which would be nice for bathing a child (and [ profile] wsmith would like a shower with a seat). It's got spiffy shower stuff for a relaxing shower. It has the whirlpool jets for a fun bath. Remind me why this would be a silly idea....

Ok - so, there's
a) It would probably need to go in front of the window in the bathroom, which would mean covering up that window...
b) It would require an additional electrical socket
c) An improved hot water heater might be needed???
d) I think the bathroom is 66" - and this is 66.5" - maybe that can't be gotten from the walls, when they're torn out to put the plumbing inside.
e) The default manufacturer's warranty is only 1 year.

It looks like fun (ok - a bit extravagant) and might help with resale value when we get there (ignoring previous claims of never moving again). I wouldn't need to tile the walls for the shower, if I got this instead.

Clearly, I'm enamored enough with the idea to be up sillily late researching it.
What do you think of the idea?
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So, there is the dresser saga. First, [ profile] 3diff's armoire didn't fit up the stairs to the third floor. This was no real surprise and well, we didn't have a good tall place to put it in our bedroom anyway. But, it leaves a heap of clothes in the corner with no place to put them.

So, we set out on Saturday to get a couple dressers from Ikea (Malm 6-drawer for the truly interested) that we'd identified on our last trip, but that they were out of then. But, [ profile] 3diff mentioned that really, shelves were much more useful than drawers for storing sweaters; this also got me thinking that shelves would be nicer for storing pants than drawers as well. So, the Malm dressers weren't that great an option as far as that went. Right near the doorstep of Ikea, we saw an "Affordable Furniture" and decided to look in, since we were still looking for a CD storage solution.

Well, they also have a triple dresser where the two sides have doors & 3 shelves each inside. The center is 5 drawers. There's a matching "gentleman's cabinet" with one door & 6 drawers, I believe. That's too tall, but could go on the wall - and the triple dresser is short enough to fit right under the eaves. This is all excellent and great but....

they're cheaply made and fake ebony-colored. The cheapness shows in, say, what appears to be a nice double-deep drawer that is only half-height inside. The drawer pieces are attached with staples - and the drawer gliders are plastic, which just doesn't look very sturdy.

So, I was willing to consider the Malm dressers as disposable, but these are just enough more expensive (double the price) that it seems like a lot to spend on an interim solution.

Now, I've never bought a dresser; the dresser I have I got for free b/c it was in my room at Wadsworth when I moved in. I have a hankering for matching furniture, but... not sure. And, if we like shelves, it might be better to get more sturdy well-made furniture that would last longer. But, as [ profile] 3diff cleverly pointed out, this isn't exactly an immediate crisis.

So, any thoughts on good places to go hunting "gentlemen's cabinets", as the type with shelves appear to be called? Also, looking for maybe another Scandinavian/Danish furniture store, since we do like that style. We looked at From Teak, which was neat, but nothing totally sang out at me as far as dressers.
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Is anyone planning on going down to the Esplanade (Cambridge side, maybe?) for July 4? I usually think its fun, with other folks and some games/food to hang out for the evening part - and Will has never seen fireworks.

Let me know b/c it would be nice to plan a little.
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